Aam Aadmi Cantin

Delhi Labour Minister Mr. Gopal Roi annouced on Tuesday (13-10-2015) that They increased the helping fund for construction labour in Delhi. He told that they will also provide the toilets and drinking water for these labours. This decision was took in Delhi Bhawan and Shramik Kalyan Board meeting. They also open the Mohalla Clinic  for construction labour.

As per http://www.333acre.com sources In these new government policies new beds are also reseved for the laobours in hospitals and their family get more facilities like children of these labours can get good education in schools as well government opens Achivement Acadamy for children where they can learn new things for better livelihood.Government also funding for schools, crech, Aangan baadi centers etc.

They provide hostel and Aam Aadmi Canten Facilities for construction labours. Mr. Goyal told that MCD students can also get the benefits of this financial support.

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