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It’s raining property in the IT capital of India!

Taking pride in being among the top 10 most preferred  entrepreneurial locations in the world Bangalore  stands tall in the property landscape. The city is neo-rich; plush with a long  list of niceties to its name, making it a very attractive and lucrative  destination for the sake of investment. Rapidly picking up the pieces post  recession, the city has risen back with a number of new projects panning the  entire city.

Similar to property in Mumbai, property in Bangalore is looking  up albeit a moderate slack is expected this year. Nevertheless, Bangalore has always  responded positively to the changing market trends by quickly adapting itself  and addressing latest consumer needs with new solutions.

As an investor you would certainly wish to lock your bucks in a safe  bet; as in one that has a lesser risk quotient attached to it. In that case,  it  would be good to consider property in Mumbai and property in Pune as well, as they are fairly aggressive players in the realty market. One area  where Bangalore  outdoes its peers is, its inherent feature – climate! While most other  facilities and luxuries can be developed by man in almost every city across the  country, a city’s climatic condition is beyond human intervention and one that Bangalore is blessed  with, leading to a spurt in migrations from other parts of the country.

This also goes to say that many reputed builders like Shoba,  Purvanchal, Mantri etc., have heavily invested in the city and are coming up  with new projects to suit the varying tastes of the masses which mostly  comprises of youth. Presence of leading IT companies like Infosys, Wipro and  Oracle alongside other basic amenities including hospitals, renowned schools  and universities and multiplexes keep the realty price index in Bangalore  looking upwards.

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Viewing Jaipur as an investment destination; points to ponder!

Information, opinions, reviews etc., about Jaipur from yesteryears,  might lead many to understand it as one of the tourist locations a traveller  from far and beyond or within the country should not miss visiting. That’s not  all there is to Jaipur. What many are oblivious of and one that we are trying  to bring forth to the masses through this write-up is, Jaipur has grown to  become a hot property destination! Property in Jaipur is in its prime as  more and more builders are initiating long term projects in the city. This also  means that the pink city, as it has been rightly named, is cashing in on this  real estate progression by rapidly enhancing its facilities, infrastructure and  other amenities with a view to attracting the masses.

Property in Jaipur is in the hands of  renowned real estate giants who come with decades-long experience and a number  of successful projects commissioned across the country, to their credit. They  have brought about a sea change in the landscape and lifestyle of Jaipur by  setting up self-contained communities that provide all and sundry to its  residents. This comes to say that this is probably the best time to shift focus  to Jaipur as an investment option.

Having said that, property in Bhiwadi and property in Panchkula too have picked up pace, offering customers a  wide variety of apartments for rent and sale. Given below are some unique  features of Jaipur that give it an advantage over other cities.

  1.   Relatively low cost of living
  2. Well planned infrastructure;  excellent road and rail connectivity
  3. Reasonably priced property
  4. Availability of basic amenities  that are affordable.

Apart from the above features, the city’s culture, education,  cuisine and lifestyle make Jaipur a much sought after destination for long term  investment. If you are looking for property in Bhiwadi or property in  Panchkula , log on to – India’s  most trusted inline property consultant.

Ultimate Guide To Rent An Apartment

Looking for a decent accommodation in Bangalore East which is well connected, has reasonable rental rates, is safe to live in, has furnished houses and is ready to move in then a 2bhk flat on Old Madras Road (East Bangalore) can be an excellent choice. The area has lots of options available for different pockets.

Old Madras Road is a known area, easily accessible from other parts of the city, offering numerous and sound rental options. A 2 bhk Flat in Old Madras Road, East Bangalore is a perfect choice with regards to maintaining a balance between link with other areas, sensible pricing, and ready to move in flats providing a secure environment.

The realty in the area got a boost when the six-lane Bangalore-Chennai expressway work started, promising a shorter route between the two southern capitals. The road begins from the Hoskote, in north-east Bangalore and joins the city of Sriperumbudur, which is 40 kilometres away from Chennai. The work is going on in full swing and the six lane highway is likely to be completed by the year 2014-2015. Due to this infrastructural marvel, the distance between the two states has been reduced to a 250-km tension free and easy drive. This is one of the major reasons for real estate development in the area, and ever since in the year 2011, when the highway was approved the area has seen a growth in property prices like never before.

Rental Rates

Old Madras Road offers a variety of rental options in each and every category and the rental rates range between Rs 12,000, to Rs 30,000 and up to Rs 35,000 ( Jan 2013- Mar 2013), depending upon the society and quality of construction and facilities available. A normal 2 BHK flat in Old Madras Road, East Bangalore for rent comes with some usual specifications like semi furnished interiors, design as per Vaastu norms, vitrified flooring, well ventilated, attached bathroom, common bath room, car wheeler parking, 24 hours water, cot, bed, T.V., fridge, washing machine, water purifier, sofa, dining table, gas cylinder, tables and chairs. Meaning all one has to do is pay the rent and move in. These ready-to-live-in flats are in line with the modern professional who doesn’t have the time for the nitty gritty of shifting. Also, the locality has shopping complexes, restaurants, cinema halls and parks for the locals. The greenery has been maintained which is liked by the locals coupled with decent infrastructure to maintain it.

Future rates

The future seems bright as far as the rental rates go for the lessee, as the area has already seen the rental rates go down up to 12 per cent and the downward slide is likely to continue for some time. This may be the perfect time to rent a house in a decent location providing facilities and ambiance to the live in. The fall is temporary and actually some areas have seen an increase in rental rates but it is around 2 per cent to 5 per cent only and not as much as the fall in rental rates.
The fall in rental rates is due auto correction of the market coupled by local reasons and a dip in the demand of houses here. The overall picture looks bright for the area and in fact one may consider buying a 2 bhk flat in Old Airport Road because of this slight fall in the realty prices as well, which also applies to the commercial property rates here.

(The author has been tracking the real estate sector for eight years for leading television channels and print media.)

Property in India

The property in India is thus known to be the most dynamic sector where numerous factor that are highly responsible in order to bring change include growth in information technology/information technology-enabled services industry, increasing popularity of electronic commerce among people, growth in foreign direct investments and many more. The growth in the market of property in India is being led by the rapid expansion of the IT industry along with the simultaneous growth in the purchasing power of the middle class

Is Dwarka Expressway Disputes Been Resolved or Not?

HUDA (Gurgaon Adminstration) claims that the matter of land acquisition has been sorted out But in actual not ! Mr. Rishi Raj Rana (one of the petitioners) says that ” This is only on paper. The situation is still the same as before the judgment in May 2015. The area where plots have been promised are still agriculture fields.”

The disputed sectors include New Palam Vihar sector 100, 102 and 103 and the area around Khirki Dwala near NH-8. As per view HUDA has offered alternative plots in sector 110A and 37C to the families following a Punjab and Haryana High Court order that the families be compensated.

A 4km stretch gave rise to the dispute i.e New Palam Vihar and Sihi Village.As per Gurgaon-Manesar Masterplan 2031, the expressway was challenged by the affected residents. “Those making the masterplan knew that the residential localities and the villages are coming in the way of this project.Mr. Rishi Raj Rana says that It’s a clear violation by HUDA,”.Raheja project “Atharva” is located in sector 109. Nisha Sherawat moved into this project after coming to Delhi from Pune. She bought her 3 BHK apartment in the resale market for around Rs. one crore. She bought this property because her parents live in New Palam Vihar, which is a stone throw away (approx 5 minutes drive),. She says who takes the airport express from the station located in sector 21 Dwarka, to the Cannaught Place area where she works.There are so many examples like her.

Jaya Sharma

Dated : 19/9/15

Digital Realestate

Future belongs to Digital India and Digital Realestate. 333acre trying to connect E-Commerce into reality. For that First of all we all should know what is Digital Realestate ?

Now-A-Days,  people are not have so much time to search property and investment options physically. For example A person is living in Mumbai and want to buy a property in Delhi, it’s not possible in today’s fast life. So we are trying to save the time and money through Digital Realestate with which he can not only buy the property anywhere as well he can get the complete and right information about the related things Like what is the circle rate of the location in which such property is located, What is the market price, what will be the construction cost if he want to build something or want renovation, what will be the rate of interest if he required some financial help from bank or any other financial resources, what will be those financial resources, If he need vastu consutancy then he can get the vastu professionals on and take their advice too, likewise Architects and their services, Interior and Exterior Designers, and many more(sky is the limit for 333acre). If in future if he want to sell the property he can post free advertisement on 333acre portal and get many buyers free of cost for his property. He can sell his property online.

In order to transform the entire ecosystem of realstae products and services through the use of information technology, the first digitalized real estate portal of India has launched the Digital India Real Estate. As per Mrs. Rachna Sharma (Founder & Director of 333acre) the vision of this portal is to transform realestae into a digitally empowered  society.
Vision area of digital realestate is centred on two keys Information & Implemention.

This portal is also based on Mr. Modi’s Digital India Programme that is “We want to have one mission and target : Take the nation forward – Digitally and Economically.” For effective management of the Digital Realestate, the  management structure would consists of a professionals of realestate headed by the Mrs. Rachna Sharma. For effective monitoring of Digital Realestae, usage of Pro Information System would be mandatory in each new and existing Mission Mode Projects to capture the real or near real time details about the projects.

This tool should be proficient enough to capture the parameters for each stage of different  project. The parameters could be decided in consultation with various professionals and developers.

Aam Aadmi Cantin

Delhi Labour Minister Mr. Gopal Roi annouced on Tuesday (13-10-2015) that They increased the helping fund for construction labour in Delhi. He told that they will also provide the toilets and drinking water for these labours. This decision was took in Delhi Bhawan and Shramik Kalyan Board meeting. They also open the Mohalla Clinic  for construction labour.

As per sources In these new government policies new beds are also reseved for the laobours in hospitals and their family get more facilities like children of these labours can get good education in schools as well government opens Achivement Acadamy for children where they can learn new things for better livelihood.Government also funding for schools, crech, Aangan baadi centers etc.

They provide hostel and Aam Aadmi Canten Facilities for construction labours. Mr. Goyal told that MCD students can also get the benefits of this financial support.

RED (Real Estate Digitalization)

Its a time of Digitalization. 333Acre gave a very nice key word in real estate i.e RED (Real Estate Digitalization). Mrs. Rachna Sharma (Founder & Director of supports  RED Programme. I have been associated with since three years So far, I have been a part of the unique thinkers and winning team.

To the extent, its been a very  fantastic organization. Mrs. Rachna Sharma won the “Priyadarshani Award” by our current miniority minster “Madam Nazma Heptullah” this year 2015. Now People can get all the services and information under one hub.

Leader of Digitalized Real Estate Portal in India

333Acre was founded in the year 2011 with its head office in Delhi (India). Its main focus is on Real Estate services. Within a few year of its inception, its service portfolio expanded manifold and now is known as the leader of Digitalized Real Estate portal in India.

Additionally, with the introduction of real estate services, it has become one of the fastest growing brand. 333Acre is run by Mrs Rachna Sharma like one women army. Over the years, 333Acre has become the talk of the town due to smart working of Rachna Madam. In a short period of time, she established 333Acre in this highly competitive segment.

At 333 Acre they not only provide huge list of properties But also introduce a lot of innovative services like Architects, Vastu, Circle Rate of any area property, Loan Calculator, Special deal for Corporate Groups, etc. She won numerous awards (introducing best real estate portal) and appreciation for her efforts. Makes Your Habitat The Most Luxurious Retreat You Can Ever Imagine Of !

Are you already feeling claustrophobic in the living in a congested apartment amidst the hustle and bustle of city life and planning to make a shift to a residence that will be a luxurious retreat with the comforts of an urban life situated in the vicinity of greenery? Ambience Group brings their upcoming project of 2/3 BHK apartments with features and amenities of international standards. has come forward for marketing these high-end residential complexes to give you the ultimate destination for comfort living and not stressing your budget in the process.

Buying your own abode through the most customer-friendly service provided by can be an experience of a lifetime if put your trust on them. They make sure that you achieve the most out of your investment as the apartments promoted by them are made of best quality material and are designed ergonomically for the buyers.  Each and every apartment has international standard security as they value life over everything else.

Being located in the close proximity of South Delhi, rapid development of this area will be an additional benefit to the dwellers of these complexes. Availing the basic necessities for a healthy living is at hand as the best academic institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, libraries and other places of interest are all in the neighbourhood. makes sure that your quality of living is never compromised.

Every one of us dreams of a house where we can long to return at the end of the day. And if your habitat is located amidst a serene environment with the benefits of a high-end lifestyle, it will be most worthwhile buying your dream house from