Digital Realestate

Future belongs to Digital India and Digital Realestate. 333acre trying to connect E-Commerce into reality. For that First of all we all should know what is Digital Realestate ?

Now-A-Days,  people are not have so much time to search property and investment options physically. For example A person is living in Mumbai and want to buy a property in Delhi, it’s not possible in today’s fast life. So we are trying to save the time and money through Digital Realestate with which he can not only buy the property anywhere as well he can get the complete and right information about the related things Like what is the circle rate of the location in which such property is located, What is the market price, what will be the construction cost if he want to build something or want renovation, what will be the rate of interest if he required some financial help from bank or any other financial resources, what will be those financial resources, If he need vastu consutancy then he can get the vastu professionals on and take their advice too, likewise Architects and their services, Interior and Exterior Designers, and many more(sky is the limit for 333acre). If in future if he want to sell the property he can post free advertisement on 333acre portal and get many buyers free of cost for his property. He can sell his property online.

In order to transform the entire ecosystem of realstae products and services through the use of information technology, the first digitalized real estate portal of India has launched the Digital India Real Estate. As per Mrs. Rachna Sharma (Founder & Director of 333acre) the vision of this portal is to transform realestae into a digitally empowered  society.
Vision area of digital realestate is centred on two keys Information & Implemention.

This portal is also based on Mr. Modi’s Digital India Programme that is “We want to have one mission and target : Take the nation forward – Digitally and Economically.” For effective management of the Digital Realestate, the  management structure would consists of a professionals of realestate headed by the Mrs. Rachna Sharma. For effective monitoring of Digital Realestae, usage of Pro Information System would be mandatory in each new and existing Mission Mode Projects to capture the real or near real time details about the projects.

This tool should be proficient enough to capture the parameters for each stage of different  project. The parameters could be decided in consultation with various professionals and developers.

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