It’s raining property in the IT capital of India!

Taking pride in being among the top 10 most preferred  entrepreneurial locations in the world Bangalore  stands tall in the property landscape. The city is neo-rich; plush with a long  list of niceties to its name, making it a very attractive and lucrative  destination for the sake of investment. Rapidly picking up the pieces post  recession, the city has risen back with a number of new projects panning the  entire city.

Similar to property in Mumbai, property in Bangalore is looking  up albeit a moderate slack is expected this year. Nevertheless, Bangalore has always  responded positively to the changing market trends by quickly adapting itself  and addressing latest consumer needs with new solutions.

As an investor you would certainly wish to lock your bucks in a safe  bet; as in one that has a lesser risk quotient attached to it. In that case,  it  would be good to consider property in Mumbai and property in Pune as well, as they are fairly aggressive players in the realty market. One area  where Bangalore  outdoes its peers is, its inherent feature – climate! While most other  facilities and luxuries can be developed by man in almost every city across the  country, a city’s climatic condition is beyond human intervention and one that Bangalore is blessed  with, leading to a spurt in migrations from other parts of the country.

This also goes to say that many reputed builders like Shoba,  Purvanchal, Mantri etc., have heavily invested in the city and are coming up  with new projects to suit the varying tastes of the masses which mostly  comprises of youth. Presence of leading IT companies like Infosys, Wipro and  Oracle alongside other basic amenities including hospitals, renowned schools  and universities and multiplexes keep the realty price index in Bangalore  looking upwards.

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