Bridging The Digital Divide Towards Women Empowerment

Empowering Women for a Digital India: 333

The founder of, Mrs. Rachna Sharma has a unique vision for women worldwide. A pioneer in the field of real estate digitalization, making the transition to a paperless business has been led by her, changing the way people do business from surveying the markets to registration, learning about circle rates and completing online transactions. Moving towards a cashless economy under the inspiring vision of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Digital India launched in September 2015, works towards a new era of women empowerment. Advancing towards a digital payments economy, India is one of the world’s largest economies to do so. aims to work towards making Digital India a reality for women in different spheres

Empowering women one step at a time, to make a difference across multiple spheres and sectors, the portal is a worthy endeavor to promote financial inclusion, and a cashless economy, engendering social change and striving for gender equality. 333 is as unique as its innovative founder, powerful vision, inspiring mission and pioneering work.

Easy Online Payments

From a population of 125 crore people, 105 crore have mobile phones and 50 crore use the internet. strives to help women capitalize further on technology. Accessing information technology, using digitalization to facilitate online payments for women in every sector, from the rural villages to the urban metros is one of the many facets of's mission.

Online Services, Anytime, Anywhere

Online payment systems and cashless transactions are the future that Digital India seeks to bring to the nation. From showcasing culinary ideas to expanding interests and passions into fruitful businesses, seeks to give a voice to women in India and across the world. With a Facebook following of 15,000 + followers, has political leaders, women entrepreneurs and lady business leaders supporting this initiative.

Quick Retail Transactions

Indian women will now embrace a new mode of shopping and retail through Promoting digitalization, the portal will help them to use e-wallets and cashless payment systems. Digital retail opportunities can be used to set up real estate businesses by women too.

Promoting Entrepreneurship, Growing Businesses

The winner of the Priyadarshini Award 2015 for being a leader in the field of real estate, Mrs. Rachna Sharma has succeeded as a woman in a male dominated sector. She has successfully pioneered the digitization of the real estate sector. Now, will take it further towards women empowerment. She is a true visionary in her field and aims to promote growth of women led small, medium sized and large enterprises by fostering decisive action to propel the vision of Digital India forward.

Seamless Networking With Communities

Online communities are thriving everywhere and digitalizing India is the way forward for the nation and its women. innovates and aims to benefit everyone from women leaders to village level entrepreneurs to reach out to a global audience worldwide.
Arising out of social work by's founder and visionary, the digital portal aims to challenge traditional stereotypes and give women everywhere a chance to grow, from business opportunities and mentors to embracing a new digital reality.

Reducing Corruption and Malpractices

Grassroots information technology access and digitalization by creates and acts as an instrument of social change. Digitalization of Indian women and promoting e-payments and online transactions, is the core of The hope that corrupt practices will be weeded out and women will play an important role in changing society through technology has been given a new reality with